Thursday, November 12, 2009

paintings inspired by regency miniatures on ivory

Permanent collection of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Regency-Victorian Inspiration in Louis St.Lewis Paintings

" There is a splended arrogance in the works and persona of Louis St.Lewis. From the moment you enter his lavish studio, replete with faux-marble walls and crystal chandeliers, one senses that they are witnessing a well staged baroque opera. Paintings draped in crimson velvet jostle for position among 18th century furnishings, human bones and classical statuary.

St.Lewis carries the thme even to his personal attire with a decided affinity for cloaks furs and other Dorian Gray accessories. According to the artist, his favorite uniform for paining is " A diamond necklace and riding boots".

With St.Lewis, there is more than a passing similarity to Oscar Wilde's fictional anti-hero. Like Dorian, Louis has discovered a way to transfer his personal tempests and insanities from soul to canvas, though this time with a much more pleasant outcome"

Robert Bryson Pruitt for the "Stranger in Paradox" exhibition at the Danville Museum of Art